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Emeline Raphanaud

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Textile design

ANAT, the Atelier National d'Art Textile (National Textile Arts Studio) at ENSCI issues three-year textile designer degrees with State level II authorisation.

Training is structured around the following objectives:

  • widen cultural approaches and stimulating the taste for research
  • impel a textile design project involving innovative and personal responses
  • ensure a clear understanding of theoretical and technical expertise used to design fabrics
  • understand professional aspects and the economic considerations of companies.

French and foreign students, accepted after passing an examination to enter the ANAT, generally have a two year post secondary school multi-disciplinary arts education.

The first two years at the ANAT are spent studying weaving, meshing and studio printing techniques and on textile design projects.
The third year is spent preparing for the degree, a period in a foreign school and a long-term internship in a company.
The wide range of teaching makes it possible to provide a broad coverage of textile design from product development to manufacture:

  • textile technology: studies of materials, spinning and thread manufacture; weave and weft theory, jacquard looms and knit fabrics, technical fabrics, industrial manufacturing processes, dyeing and finishing, etc.
  • graphic expression: theory of colour, graphic composition of a fabric, CAD in practice: design, simulation, Lectra and Pointcarré specialist software, etc.
  • general and artistic education: contemporary art history, history of design, fashion, fabric cultures, economics, technical English, etc.

Seminars, encounters and dialogue with the professional world, outside speakers, internships, study trips and trips abroad all help prepare students for their careers and the reality of a constantly changing industry.
Students trained at the Atelier National d'Art Textile move into highly diverse sectors in the textile industry as design managers for textiles in clothing, fittings, house linen and fabrics in the automobile industry and as designers in accessories in fashion, interior decoration, stylists in design and trends, corporate consultants and in teaching.
The admissions program to sit the entrance exam is held in May-June.
The degree session for Atelier National d'Art textile at the ENSCI takes place in September.
For more information, please call +33 1 49 23 12 38 or e-mail tournay@ensci.com.