ENSCI - Les Ateliers


Par Emmylou DOUTRES - Clément ROSENBERG -

Paste offers an entertaining interface for group discussion using digital files, such as text, sound, graphics, movies...

The members connect together using their individual device (smart phone, touch pad) to create a real time multi media conversation. Each participant responds by adding files to a central dialogue, like a “Ex- quisite Corpse”.

From 1 to 10 players, Paste embodies pictures, sounds or videos in a pasty material, capable of deforming, dividing, binding and scaling. Our fingers become tools to connect files, to stretch pictures, to retract a movie, to imprimt a text, to glue a sound.

The community map shows a deformed landspace of « pasty » digital files shaped by users. The files are connected, mixed, to show the semantic links with material connections.
At any time, players can download a piece of this map, defining a zone with fingers.
This is a new file format, a paste file : digital construction with shape memory property.