ENSCI - Les Ateliers


Projet de diplôme : Jotbot

Directeur de projet : Sylvie TISSOT

My memoir discussed the connection between constructivist educational theories and parametric design platforms. In five chapters I have explored ways of engaging with writing code for a visual outcome. I have analysed this process in relation to educational theories and claimed that visual code writing, or in other words, para- metric design, holds great learning potential.

As an extension of my research, I have created my final project, with the aim of introducing children to basic elements of writing code for a visual outcome. Jotbot is a drawing robot, and children can make him walk and draw as they like, by writing short sequences to guide him.

The sequence is created by arranging wooden cubes in a specific order. Combining functions and values to make jotbot move and draw, introduces children to a friendly and tactile parametric design system.