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The teaching programme

All programmes at Les Ateliers are based on a project-oriented approach combining theory and practice. Students learn to master the necessary knowledge and tools–from the most traditional to the most contemporary–and to grasp the cultural, economic, technological, and social contexts of their future professions. Teaching relies as much on learning new digital and image technologies as working in wood, metal, plastic, and textile workshops. In addition to the regular teaching staff, the school calls on outside personalities for lectures, seminars or works- hops. Prior to graduation, all students undertake an obligatory semester-long professional internship in France or abroad; many of them also study abroad on a university exchange programme. Every year Les Ateliers trains 250 students of all nationalities. To date it has graduated 548 industrial designers and 200 textile designers and awarded 130 specialist Masters degrees.

The role of companies

Les Ateliers maintains close relations with business and industry.

These take diverse forms: study and research partnerships, workshops, internships in agencies and firms in France and abroad, visits to firms and industrial sites, professional meetings, and lectures. Furthermore, many industry professionals come to the school for seminars and workshops and to participate in the project studios. They also take part in the school’s various juries: admissions, evaluations, and graduation.

The expenses incurred by Les Ateliers’ partner firms are eligible for French tax credits for research.

Les Ateliers develops a study- and research-based pedagogy with its partners in the world of industry, services or research.

Les Ateliers is focused on innovation and gives particular emphasis to “real-life” projects in partnership with business and industry. A major part of the school’s project-based pedagogy and teaching resources is devoted to these partnerships. The school takes special care to select and define appropriate study themes and research topics for its partnerships and elaborates project-specific formats adapted in terms of schedule, rhythm, team size, and material resources.