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Continuing education at ENSCI

ENSCI-Les Ateliers continuing education offers courses ranging from 2-week seminars to 18-month specialized post-Masters programs for Master's graduates looking to acquire design skills, managers aiming to transform their firm through the use of design methods, or professionals seeking a transition to a more design-focused role.

Thanks to our place at the forefront of design education and research in France, we are able to provide cutting-edge training by world-class experts on emerging professional fields such as biomimicry, innovation by design, modern technology and art creation, corporate hacking by design.

Our programs are associated with academic research grants in topics such as Public Sector Innovation and Sound design and are taught in partnership with prestigious French higher education and research institutions such as ENA, Poly and SciencePo.

ENSCI-Les Ateliers has a long history of success with collaboration and project-based learning. We believe that diversity is an asset and we therefore welcome professionals of various nationalities, specialties and backgrounds in our continuing education programs.


Nature could prove to be an inspiring and powerful model of inventiveness as well as a mature technology we could use to build more sustainable and desirable futures.

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