ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Two-part training

ENSCI trains industrial designers and designers over five, four, or three years, depending on the students’ qualifications at admission.

The training is divided into two parts: a discovery phase and a phase of further study. Each lasts two years within a basic five-year course, with the last year spent preparing the diploma. During each of these two phases, students spend half their time on practical projects in the workshops, often in partnership with a business, and the other half taking theoretical and practical classes in all the fields of knowledge required to master design and industrial design. Regular meetings with the teaching team enable each student’s needs to be evaluated and a personalised programme to be elaborated: deciding which project workshops to take, the order in which the classes will be followed and which professional internships to consider in France and abroad from one semester or year to the next.
ENSCI thus offers its students an individualised course that not only fulfils their individual pedagogical needs but also enables us to train designers capable of autonomously “positioning” themselves in today’s multiple fields of design. Students are expected to position themselves at every stage in their progress—for their degree, during analysis of their coursework and progress, and in their thesis and project, both of which should testify to their personal research and reflection.

At the end of their course, the future designers should:

  • be capable of entering professional life;
  • be at ease with digital technologies and capable of understanding their systems and logic in order to grasp their ongoing development, while also mastering the usual means of expression open to designers;
  • have a solid culture and knowledge of the industrial field, but also be cultivated in general and technological terms;
  • be equally at ease handling concepts and mastering form;
  • be open to design evolution and ready to play an active part in it.