ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Taking Your Degree at ENSCI

The last year at ENSCI is devoted to preparing the degree. To take their degree, students must present their coursework, a thesis and a project. They have one year in which to do so. They will have three hours to defend it in front of a jury made up of teachers and professionals. This session is open to the public.

Taking the degree is an exceptional event for each student and an occasion to assert the position they have chosen in their given field. It enables students to prove the autonomy they have gained during their studies as they prepare to enter their professional life. The school awards an Industrial Designer degree (Certified Level 1 by the Decree dated February 23, 2007, recorded in the national repertory of professional certifications and published in the Journal Officiel dated March 3, 2007).

Coursework and portfolio

Students present the path they have followed at the school through a selection of significant coursework (projects, experience, internships), showing how they have progressed in their work and their thinking to specify their approach to industrial design.

This presentation, the form of which is left open, must give the jury the keys to appreciating the other elements in the student’s defence.


Supervised by a thesis director, the thesis lasts six months and shows the student’s capacity to apply personal thought to a field of application in industrial design.

The project

Students have six months in which to implement a full industrial design project that is either innovative or prospective, supervised by a project director. They must show that they are capable of raising an issue, addressing it coherently and developing it through to feasibility.

This project can be realized in partnership with industry, an institution, or a local authority.