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Coordinator of admissions
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Admission to the school is by a competitive selection process open to all students with a good command of French and who meet the following criteria: they must be creative, motivated, have a sense of observation and analysis, able to reflect and to see the overall picture, as well as having good interpersonal skills. 

The competitive selection process takes place in spring. Classes start in September.

Organisation of the selection process:

  • Admissibility Is decided by careful examination of each element of the candidate’s application. 
  • Admission Is decided after a full day of different activities, individual and group, which include a written piece, a group exercise, analysis of an industrial product, making an object around a theme chosen by drawing lots, as well as an interview with the Jury.

From 2010, selection is open to foreign candidates with low French language ability who are able to study in English. These candidates must have a minimum of 3 years university level education (Bachelor degree or equivalent) and a basic knowledge of French. These candidates may present their application in English and request an interview in English. In the event of being accepted, these students will join an English-speaking project group during the first semestre, whilst following a self-financed intensive French language programme (provided by ENSCI). After successfully completing this adaptation period of six months, students will join the normal programme for a further period of 3 years.

Duration of studies

Duration of studies depends on entrance category:

  • Category I (all categories of Baccalauréat): 5 years
  • Category II (Bac+2: DEUG, DUT, BTS): 4 years
  • Category III (Bac+4 or more): 3 years
  • Category IV (professional experience of at least 4 years): 3 years minimum.

Depending on student's initial training, the jury may decide to prolong the duration of studies, in particular for Category III.