ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Director : Jean-François Dingjian
Assistant designer: Laurent Greslin
Coordinator: Valérie Druet


The "Local Tools" studio is above all concerned with a contextual approach to design. Unlike the "Global Tools" movement which postulated a tabula rasa, this studio proposes to take into account the client’s brief and its many constraints as a starting point for devising objects. This method applies to all types of projects, whether industrial or not, and its aim is to learn to master the various stages of a design project, the client’s brief serves as a thought process, a culture for the project. The intention here is not to simulate an industrial design studio, but to encourage students to reflect, find and sharpen their personal methodology by questioning the process of putting thought into form.

Teaching content

The concept dealt with here is design as a means of shaping thinking. Form here means the interrelation between use/plasticity/production. For this, all design tools available are used, but particularly drawing, the direct and effective interface between an idea and its materialization. The issues are tackled as questions about shape and form, their history and their meaning.