ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Domesticating Experimentation Design Studio

Director: Laurent Massaloux
Assistant designer: Romain Cuvellier
Administrative and academic assistant: Margot Casimir

Design Standpoint

This Studio proposes to work around the general theme of “ Domesticating experimentation.” The theme is developed through two aspects: experimenting as a creative process in itself and as a thought process for projects. The final proposal thus becomes the mediator of an experience between the user and his/her environment. The domestic environment can then be understood as a playground where new combinations between different types of objects can be envisaged. The notions of functional mix, of technology transfer, of aesthetics of use are then used as dynamic notions leading to new hypothesis for daily life. Through experimentation, the user becomes active, creative and questions his/her daily life in a more leisurely, reflective and sensitive manner

Teaching content

An important focus is put on the manipulation of devices: experimenting with systems to “knock together” one’s views. “Do-it-yourself” is a determining factor in creation. It is both dynamic and reflexive. It is also an active exchange which makes students become aware of sensitive parameters such as touch, effect, luminosity, etc. There needs to be a link running through all stages of the project, between the narrative aspect, the sense, the function and how it is formalized. Particular focus is put on formalization, the material aspect of the object, and to its semantic content.