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MEDes (Master of European Design)

The Master of European Design (MEDes) is a unique network of six leading European design schools. 

This ‘nomadic’ programme offers students the opportunity, during the five-year programme (2+2+1), to experience three design education systems and to be part of a strong international community. This diversity of academic and professional experience provides them with different approaches to design, multi-national perspectives and sensitivity to cultural difference.

Certain partner schools allow students to apply directly for a specific MEDes degree track. At Ensci, students are selected to join the MEDes after completing their first year of studies, for a first exchange year in September of their third year (ie. Phase II).

Once a year, all MEDes staff and students gather in one of the partner schools for a week’s seminar. This is an essential part of the MEDes. It offers students the opportunity to exchange experiences, to work together, to contribute to improving and promoting the programme – to belong to the MEDes community. During this week the MEDes Board treats management and development issues and organises student flows for the year ahead. Student selection for first year exchange is based on recommendation from the sending school and folios. Selection for the second year exchange is based on folio work and an individual exposé presenting objectives and ambitions for joining the chosen partner school for 4th year study.

Each Institution participating in the MEDes network offers a full 5-year master study experience. As the MEDes specialisation includes two years abroad in two different partner Institutions, graduating MEDes students receive a Diploma Supplement with the MEDes mention.

The MEDes is an English-speaking programme. However, all students are expected to learn at least one other local European language. It is not possible to study at ENSCI without a grasp of French.

The members of the MEDes programme are:

  • GSA - Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland 
  • KISD - Köln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany 
  • Aalto University – School of Arts, Design & Architecture, Helsinki, Finland 
  • Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy 
  • Aveiro University, Portugal 
  • ENSCI - Les Ateliers, Paris, France
  • KONSTFACK, Stockholm, Suède