ENSCI - Les Ateliers

Director: Jean-Louis Frechin
Assistant Designer: Olivier Cornet
Motion Designer: Pascal Valty
Computering: Sylvie Tissot
Academic Advisor: Anne-Sabine Henriau

Design Standpoint

The aim of the digital design studio is to think about the practicalities and the place of digital design in post-industrial society. The field of digital design perceives the notion of design in a global, transversal, cultural and sensitive approach, concentrating on enhancing the question “What to produce?” Digital design is a platform for proposal and innovation which opens the way for the creation of new objects, new services, new uses, new utopias, new transgressions, new representations, new concrete dimensions… new objects for new industries, new designs for new objects. It is a major issue because the Information Society questions the processes of design, of manufacture, the use and finality of contemporary objects. What role will design play in a society overrun with virtual objects and services? What is the designer’s position and what proposals can he/she offer?

Teaching content

Teaching is organised so as to enable the student to build on his/her own experience as well as their training in relation to the active and supervised in-context syllabus: the project. Projectbased learning focuses on mastering a conceptual approach – theories, contexts, issues and uses – and also on the means and the tools for implementation. Learning how to think, how to do, how to have done, how to do together; this is the preoccupation of the digital design studio.