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Projet de diplôme, Élodie Bongrain
Projet de diplôme, Denis Pellerin

The Ile de France cluster

ENSCI is located at the heart of a cluster of complementary higher education and research establishments (arts, architecture, urban planning, engineering, management, social and human sciences), where it develops partnership actions in education, projects, research, and continual training. Within this framework, ENSCI has forged academic alliances with (December 2008):

  • the École Centrale and several ParisTech schools, including TELECOM and Ponts et Chaussées, 
  • Paris 1 University (Applied Arts department), 
  • HEC, ESCP- EAP, IFM, ENSBA (Fine Arts).

ENSCI is forging a special relationship with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM). Contacts are underway with architecture and urban planning schools. 4 types of action take place in the cluster:

  • inter-school studies (students at ENSCI take courses in partner establishments and vice versa),
  • shared projects that associate students from several establishments, 
  • dual diploma courses, 
  • partnerships for research.

ENSCI is also at the heart of a network of European design schools with which it offers a European Masters degree (MEDes) and develops research activities.