Born of a political will in 1982, the École Nationale Supérieure de Creation Industrielle (ENSCI - Les Ateliers) is the only national school exclusively devoted to industrial creation and design.

It was at that moment that we began breaking with academic models by placing creation at the heart of the concerns of industrial production and thus reconnecting with the spirit of the Bauhaus or Black Mountain College.

Near Place de la Bastille, in the heart of Paris, ENSCI - Les Ateliers occupies a historic place in the former studios of the decorator Jansen.

The school has kept the spirit of these workshops, while opening up to the most contemporary technologies.

A public institution of an industrial and commercial nature, ENSCI is placed under the dual supervision of the ministries responsible for culture and industry. It enjoys recognition and national and international integration.

It is ranked second in European and American schools and universities in the Red Dot Design Ranking 2016. The school is a founding member of a community of universities and institutions, the COMUE heSam.

Two diplomas are offered in initial training: Textile Designer and Industrial Creator, each raised to the rank of a Master.

In the field of continuing education, ENSCI provides short courses and delivers two specialized Masters, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, as well as a post-graduate programme.

From its inception, ENSCI has developed an innovative pedagogy based on project and individualized path: a student-centered approach of each path, in contrast to classical chronological studies, where pupils with very varied profiles are actors of their own training.

At ENSCI – Les Ateliers, we "learn by doing": we experiment, we proceed by iteration, we handle uncertainties. We learn to manage complexity, to design uses and systems in a socially responsible way. This knowledge production and transmission environment remains open 24 hours a day throughout the year.


International relations impulse a dynamic throughout the school. It organizes collaboration between professionals in industrial design, students and teachers, and promotes links with other specialist fields. It also coordinates input from foreign experts.

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You could see a selection of graduates projects in industrial creation and textile design.

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FAQ about the school

ENSCI is the acronym of “Ecole nationale supérieure de création industrielle”, which we translate as the “French national institute for advanced studies in industrial design”.

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