The mission of ENSCI is to train designers for the industry of the 21st century, whether physical or virtual. In responding to this wide-ranging challenge, it is now essential for us to identify sources of funding over and above government subsidies, tuition fees, industrial contracts and revenue from the French apprenticeship tax by seeking the support of the private sector. ENSCI corporate patronage and sponsorship initiatives are designed to attract funding that will be used chiefly to support three major aspects of our policy:

— extending design research around 5 topics: Design and science, including the natural world; Design and digital (the digital space, interaction, design and data); Design and educational creativity/innovation; Design and new industries; Design and social and public innovation

— expanding ENSCI internationally through a range of initiatives (other than academic exchanges) around high-profile global events, and by spreading the influence and reputation of ENSCI, its students and graduates abroad

— becoming more socially inclusive by introducing a scholarship programme that will complement the schemes run by CROUS and the Vallet Foundation, to support students from the lowest income households, with particular emphasis on providing help with mobility for academic exchanges or work placements in companies abroad.

Since ENSCI-Les Ateliers is a public non-profit organisation, the donations it receives provide donors with significant tax benefits. It issues tax receipts for all donations received.


Sabrina De Saint Chamas
Financial Resources Development Manager
+33 (0)1 49 23 12 31


To help it develop its missions, bring in more teaching staff, designers and lecturers from all over the world and engage its students in internships in France and abroad, ENSCI appeals to companies to provide their support under the apprenticeship tax payment scheme. 
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