The documentary resource centre is another key aspect of the ENSCI-Les Ateliers innovative approach to learning, and provides a research space that is the starting point for student projects. This resource and advice hub is a welcoming and interactive environment that encourages thought and writing.

The design section is particularly rich and diverse, ranging from the history of design and objects, to designer monographs, essays, exhibition catalogues and the digital space. It also encourages students to inform their thinking by building bridges between disciplines, with particular emphasis on the humanities (sociology, philosophy, anthropology, ethnology, etc.), art, architecture, visual communication, technology and science.

The ‘Tatami space’ offers a different reading experience and a break from the irrepressibly creative spirit of training designers in a design school where the flow of ideas never stops.

To feed their innate appetite for the new, a monthly press review features selected articles from the centre's stock of magazines and newspapers and selected exhibitions, conferences, etc. The reviews hosted on its Facebook page, and contains links to useful websites.

Existing and future students have access to targeted bibliographies to guide their first steps in design, followed by more detailed resources to help them refine their thinking. Students on specialist MSc (CTC and IBD) and NID (Nature Inspired Design) courses have a shared biology and biomimicry bibliography created on Zotero by students.

Design competition news is published on the ENSCI - les Ateliers intranet.



"By Invitation" encourages discussion around a finished piece in the same way as approaching a design project. It brings together all those who contributed to the feasibility of the project to embark on a discussion with the public.


National and international design competitions are selected for their educational value and professional ethics. To find out more, please contact Documentary Resource Centre Manager Françoise Hugont, who is also responsible for design competitions. 


The catalogue database includes around 15,000 books, magazines, DVDs, final-year dissertations, and all the printed archives of the design school, from publications to printed material and brochures.

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Françoise Hugont, responsible
+33 (0)1 49 23 12 40

Émilie Vabre, librarian
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