ENSCI is a shareholder in the Lutech SATT* technology transfer acceleration company, and since 2013 has been supporting the career plans of students and recent graduates by producing and protecting their prototypes, and identifying companies keen to develop their projects.

Lutech SATT is one of France’s 14 Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies. It identifies, protects, develops and markets the skills, achievements and research outcomes of its shareholder and partner institutions.

Projects partially or fully supported by Lutech SATT include: 

La Tatoué, the tattoo machine
NAU, a startup project to build a modular catamaran
The ModBike all-terrain bike
Vendredi, an all-terrain backpack for business users


ENSCI has introduced a combined course and incubator programme that gives young designers the vocabulary and references they need to understand the world of business and enter into dialogue with it.

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How do you put your design skills to work on an everyday basis? This question has been constantly asked and answered over several years through this framework designed to support ENSCI graduates as they enter the world of professional practice.

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The ENSCI-Les Ateliers teaching system is accompanied by a design-oriented talent incubator to promote entrepreneurship among its students.

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