Project Leader: Laurent Massaloux
Assistant Designer: Romain Cuvellier
Workshop Coordinator: Margot Casimir


This workshop invites students to work around the overall theme of domesticated experimentation. This theme is developed from two perspectives: experimentation as a creative process and experimentation as a unifying subject strand for projects.

The object that emerges from this theme therefore mediates the experience between user and environment. The domestic environment can then be seen as a playground in which new combinations of different types of object become possible. The notions of functional mix, technology transfer and ‘aesthetics of use’ are then used as dynamic concepts that can be developed to create new hypotheses for daily life.

Experimentation allows users to become active, creative and question their daily lives in a more playful, reflective and sensitive way.


A large part of the project study programme is devoted to handling and experimenting with systems to ‘tinker around’ with a thought. ‘Tinkering around’ remains a decisively important creative tool. It is simultaneously dynamic and reflexive. It also involves active interaction that provides an awareness of sense-based parameters (touch, impact, brightness, etc.). So this workshop is ultimately about connecting narrative, meaning, function and formalisation at every stage of the project. Special attention is paid to the formalisation and three-dimensional aspects of the finished object, as well as the meaning it represents.


Europhane and sundial; Alessi Connected; Games, toys and rudimentary electronic instruments; Shiseido; Free surfaces; New mobility solutions in stations in partnership with SNCF; Telephony and connected objects


workshop project of GUILLEMETTE DE BRABANT



workshop project of Jean-Alex QUACH and Julien ROUSSEL