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Admission to the design school is via a competitive selection process open to all French and foreign applicants, regardless of age. Applicants may apply for only one course of study per competitive selection period. Pre-registration is required in all cases, and begins in January of the year. 

When preparing their applications, candidates are encouraged to read the Guide for Applicants and the Competitive Selection Process FAQs.

In accordance with its commitment to admit a broad diversity of student profiles, ENSCI grants admission to four categories of applicants, based on their previous qualifications and/or professional practice. Qualification to Bac (Baccalaureate) level is a compulsory requirement for all applicants, except those in category IV. Applicants without this qualification must request exemption by sending a letter explaining their personal circumstances to the chair of the competitive selection panel, who will decide on the merits of their application at a meeting of the exemptions committee. Letters must be received no later than Friday 5 February 2021.

The competitive selection process has been open to English-speaking students since 2010. These applicants must have successfully completed three years of further education (Bachelor's or equivalent degree) and have a basic knowledge of French. They may complete their application form in English and attend English language interviews. If they are successful in the competitive selection process, they will be offered a first semester during which they will be involved in a project conducted in English, and will be required to follow an intensive French language programme at their own expense. Those students who complete this semester successfully will revert to a standard 3-year programme.

 Pre-registration is required in all cases, and begins on 7 January 2021.

Applicants should pre-register online via the ENSCI website. The closing date for applications is Monday 15 February 2021 (date as per postmark). Every part of the application must be submitted to us by post. 




How the competitive selection process works

The competitive selection process takes place in the spring of each year.
The academic year begins in September.
There are two parts to the competitive selection process:

ELIGIBILITY (March to April)

Eligibility is assessed on the basis of the application package submitted by the applicant. The results of the eligibility assessment will be published on the website on 27 April 2020

ADMISSION (May to June)

Decisions on admission are taken at the end of a full day of personal and group tests, including a piece of written work, a group observation exercise, an industrial product analysis, the design of a three-dimensional volume based on a subject drawn at random, and two interviews with members of the assessment panel.
The results of the admission assessment will be published on 3 July 2020.
Number of places available under the 2020 competitive selection process: 35
For those taking the Baccalaureate, the outcome of the competitive selection process will be confirmed only after the results of the Baccalaureate examination have been published.

A waiting list of five places will be published on the website, together with the list of those successful in the admission process.
Applicants may apply for only one course of study per competitive selection period.
No candidate may enter the competitive selection process more than three times.

Study programme length

The length of ENSCI-Les Ateliers study programmes varies depending on the entry category:

Category I 
(Bac - all streams) 
5-year study programme

Category II 
(Bac +2 years of further education: DMA, DUT, BTS) 
4-year study period

Category III 
(Bac +3 or more years of further education: Bachelor's degree, etc.)
3-year study period

Category IV (at least 4 years in professional practice) 
Minimum of a 3-year study period 

Depending on the previous education of successful applicants, the selection panel may need to extend the study period, particularly for Category III and IV applicants. 

The Industrial Design qualification awarded by the ENSCI-Les Ateliers is a Master's degree.

Those applying for the competitive selection process will be expected to have...

  • a good knowledge of the French language 
  • the ability to express themselves creatively 
  • a well-argued and well-presented motivation for inclusion 
  • a keen sense of observation and analytical skills 
  • an aptitude for clear thinking and the ability to summarise 
  • good interpersonal skills 


For more information about how to apply (personal portfolio, letter of motivation, submitting the application package, etc.), candidates are encouraged to read the Guide for Applicants and the Competitive Selection Process FAQs.

Registration fee

  • €116
  • Applicants for scholarships are exempt from the registration fee