Directeur de projet : Matthew Sindall
Designer assistant : Sarngsan Na Soontorn
Coordinatrice d'atelier : Valérie Druet


This design studio will focus on questioning the notion of the “culture” of objects which reflect on the society which produced them. Given the premise that creation is a symbiosis of the cerebral, the emotional, and the instinctive, students will be encouraged to articulate these aspects of conception. Since technologies and materials undergo constant evolution, project work will navigate through numerical investigations to tangible materials research, to develop new typologies and constructs. The idea that our material and immaterial world is imbued with conventions and needs scrutinising with a “fresh eye” will be at the heart of discussions with the students.


While working on each project the students will build an evolving environment around them; it will be a constant reference and contain tangible materials, objects, details, to more abstract elements like colours, textures, arborescent use systems, etc. Regular “round tables” between the students combined with individual discussions will encourage an ongoing development of the projects.


Hospitality en partenariat avec Air France ; L'organisme d'une école ; Eating in the city ; Blow up en partenariat avec Walomo; Bois tourné en partenariat avec TDR ; Rituels funéraires ; Bottle bank ; Boat Kit ; Batterie hydrogène



projet d'atelier de Violette Vigneron



projet d'atelier de Xavier Montoy